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27 September 2013 @ 11:07 am
( ( EXO K TO THE M ) )

「My Tabi Blogcrew Claims」
「My Key Blogcrew Claims」
「My JE Blogcrew Claims」

this LJ is pretty much dead...

nothing much anymore...

so add if you want but i

don't really check anyways... lol

anyway i'm an EXOtic;;


21 May 2013 @ 10:27 pm
i'm back!! and EXO is coming back..!! so so excited... i just want May 30th to be here already... arghh can't wait to hear 'Baby Don't Cry' and 'My Lady'.... XDD can't wait to see them performing/promoting as ot12.... can't wait to see the MV with Luhan's grey hair!! =) this comeback will be epic... hahaha.. waited one year and one month!! i'm glad i stayed with this fandom!! EXOtics are amazing!!!
Current Location: EXO PLANET!! =)
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09 May 2011 @ 10:20 pm
"you weren't supposed to mean that much to me and i wasn't supposed to fall in love with you.."

09 May 2011 @ 10:03 pm
"I wish to reach you, but I can't.. I wish to hug you, but I can't.. Your voice reaches my heart.."

-Wind Flower
09 May 2011 @ 09:57 pm
05 May 2011 @ 01:06 am

i really love this photo of him!!
26 April 2011 @ 02:40 am
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26 April 2011 @ 02:38 am

so tonight i happened to watch their Mirotic Showcase again.. cause i went to look for ‘A Picture of You’ to DL then the fancam of ‘Love in the Ice’ appeared i clicked on it and ketp clicking then i just watched it.. more like skim.. but OMG how i wanted to cry so bad when i watched them perform ‘Love in the Ice’… it’s so sad.. i just want DBSK back.. i just want to see them perform ‘Love in the Ice’ and Mirotic again.. why did all this shiit had to happened.. urghh.. this is why sometime i feel like it’s JYJ’s fault… ahhhhhhhh… i’m just so upset at some decisions but then i still love and support them.. OMG just w/e… it’s like so complicated… urghh.. sometimes i just wished they stayed by HoMin… =(

but after all.. Dong Bang Shin Ki is still my melody of life.. =D
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